Full Council Meetings 

TIME: 7:15pm / DATES: SEE TABLE BELOW (no meeting held in Aug) 
All meetings of the council are open to the public. Full Council meetings are usually held on the first Monday of each month (excluding August); although they may be changed occasionally. For the Rules of Parish Council Meetings, please click on the LINK. 
Agenda's for meetings are displayed on both our public noticeboards and our website, usually five days before the meeting is due to take place. Both the agenda and meeting minutes are available to the public on request to the Parish Clerk or by clicking on the links below within the table. 
Due to current COVID-19 indoor restrictions, it is recommended that members of the press and public attend meetings virtually. When clicking on the AGENDA, this will have an addendum at the end giving you instructions on how to join the meeting. You do not have to install Microsoft Teams to join the meeting. 
2021 Meeting Dates 
11th January - virtual meeting 
18th January - EXTRAORDINARY MEETING - Virtual 
1st February - Virtual Meeting 
1st March 
12th April 
10th May - ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) - 7:30pm. 
7th June - MK Village Hall 
5th July - MK Village Hall 
August - NO MEETING 
6th September - NOTE: 7:50pm start time at MK Village Hall 
11th October - NOTE: 7:50pm start time at MK Village Hall 
1st November - NOTE: 8:00pm start time at MK Village Hall 
6th December 
2020 Meeting Dates 
06 January 2020 
03 February 2020 
02 March 2020 
20 March 2020 - Extraordinary Meeting 
06 April 2020 
Meeting cancelled due to COVID-19 
04 May 2020 (Annual Meeting of the Parish Council) 
AGM cancelled due to COVID-19 
22 June 2020 (Virtual Meeting ) 
06 July 2020 (Virtual Meeting ) 
07 September 2020 (Virtual Meeting) 
24 September 2020- Extraordinary (Virtual Meeting) 
05 October 2020 (Virtual Meeting)  
06 November 2020 (Virtual Meeting) 
07 December 2020 (Virtual Meeting) 
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