Waste and Recycling Information  

Here you will find the latest information on Waste & Recycling from Milton Keynes Council. 
Waste Collection Days around the Parish:  
Waste must be presented by 7am on the day of your collection (but not before 5pm the evening before) 
Make sure the right waste is put in the right container and that there is no loose waste or cardboard  
Put waste on the boundary of your property closest to where the collection vehicle passes. 
For more information on waste collection please click HERE. 

Watch this space - wheeled bins for MK in 2023  

The current waste collection contract ends next year. This provides MK Council an opportunity to do things differently and to support the new roll out of wheeled bins for residents. 
The new waste collection service goes live in Autumn 2023. Production of the new bins starts in summer 2022, with over 300,000 bins being delivered to households across the city during summer 2023. 
We are tackling the climate change emergency. Currently Milton Keynes Council collects 8.5 million recycling sacks and 21 million blacks sack of rubbish each year. This is not good for the environment. Wheeled bins will make a positive difference; 
Cleaner – less spillage from sacks on streets 
Greener – more recycling and better quality with the separation of waste 
Safer – less injuries for residents and staff 
Each property that is suitable to have wheeled bins will receive: 
Dark grey bin – weekly collection for rubbish that cannot be recycled. 
Green bin – weekly collection for food and garden waste. 
Red lidded bin – for paper and card collected fortnightly. 
Blue lidded bin – for glass, plastic, aerosols and cans collected fortnightly. 
MKC have been running a pilot on the use of wheeled bins across almost 3,000 properties since 2020. Evidence from these areas shows us that streets do remain cleaner. This is because rubbish is contained within bins. A multi-national public services provider reported that 45% of on-street litter was found to be caused by recycling boxes and sacks. 
There is a positive impact on areas that may have a pest problem. Food sources are removed because it is contained within the wheeled bin. 
We know that having wheeled bins has led to higher rates of recycling for residents. 
There have been no reported injuries to the waste collection crew in the pilot area since moving to bins. 
MK has committed to being cleaner, greener and safer. Moving to wheeled bins, helps to fulfil these aims. 
How to find out more 
We will soon be publicising details of local events where we will be taking ‘Bins on Tour’. You will have the opportunity to see the bins and talk to waste experts to answer any questions you may have. Details of these sessions will be shared on the MKC Council website and publicised locally. 
The Council website is being regularly updated and includes a helpful FAQ section - CLICK HERE 
Some information displays will be set up in libraries for you to find more information. 
Email – customerservices@milton-keynes.gov.uk 
Customer Services – Telephone:01908 252592 

Milton Keynes Council - WISE Environmental Crime Officers (Waste Investigations Support and Enforcement) 

You may remember, at the start of the year Milton Keynes Council announced that they had appointed 5 new enforcement officers who will be able to issue offenders with on-the-spot fines. These were created after feedback from the public regarding high levels of litter across MK. 
For more information on this team, what it means to be issued an on the spot fine and many other queries, please click HERE for some Frequently Asked Questions. 

HOW TO...... 

How to order recycling sacks, green bins and other recycling items. 
Click here to find out how to order Recycling Bins, Bags or Boxes. 
The link above will tell you all you need to know about ordering: 
Clear Recycling Sacks 
New Resident's Pack's 
Green Wheeled Bin's and Grey Caddy's 
Blue Boxes 
Yellow Bag's 

What goes where... 

For more info on what goes in which bin click HERE. 

Wheelie Bin Pilot 

The aim of the pilot is for residents to try out the wheeled bins and identify any issues. It will also enable Milton Keynes Council to thoroughly test their equipment and procedures to develop options for new waste and recycling collection methods before the contract renewal in 2023. 
84% of councils in England supply their residents with wheeled bins. There are many advantages, including: 
Higher levels of recycling 
Lower rates of injuries for residents and staff moving sacks 
Less street litter from sack spillage 
For more information on the Waste Pilot please click HERE to see FAQ's on the Milton Keynes Council website. 

To recycle on not to recycle? 

Where does it all go? 

Test your 'rubbish' knowledge! 

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