Broughton Pavilion 

Broughton & Milton Keynes Parish Council are pleased to announce, we are now the owners and operators of Broughton Pavilion.  
The Pavilion will be staffed between 9.30am and 4pm Tuesday to Thursday. 
As you can imagine we are currently inundated with people getting in touch with us - before you get in touch about Broughton Pavilion please first look to see if what you are enquiring about is in our Frequently Asked Questions section below. If not, then use the enquiry form, please give us as much information as possible to allow us to deal with your query efficiently and quickly. 

Whats happening at the Pavilion?  

January 2024 - The Community Hub is now operational, and all parish residents are invited to visit from Tuesday to Thursday, between 9am and 2pm. Head over to the "What's On" page to explore the latest news and event guide! 
December 2023 - We were excited to announce that we had begun work on a new refreshment station located near the reception area of the Community Hub. This new addition will allow residents to easily access and enjoy refreshments during their visits. 
November 2023 - November has brought a wave of positive changes to Broughton Pavilion. We are thrilled to announce our success in securing Section 106 funding, which has given us the opportunity to enhance and improve the pavilion's facilities for our residents. 
Our first project was the construction of a canopy at the back of the building. This new addition, along with the benches, will create a perfect spectator area for various activities taking place on the field, while also providing a sheltered space for parents picking up their children from Chipmonks Pre-School. 
Our next project will focus on enhancing the vast foyer area. We plan to build a new meeting room, create an internet access area, and add a comfortable seating area. Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon! 

January 2024 - Foyer area starting to shape up! 

January 2024 - Reception area is looking welcoming! 

January 2024 - Internet access for all!  

December 2023 - Work started on the Community Hub refreshment station! 

December 2023 - Making good use of an odd space to enable users to self serve drinks when attending The Community Hub Sessions. 

December 2023 - Almost finished, just waiting for the electrician to fit the plugs sockets in the New Year! 

November 2023 - Undercoating the vast expanse of the foyer has started! 

November 2023 - new meeting room installation is underway! 

November 2023 - Changing the way we use the foyer to meet more residents needs. 

November 2023 - Benches to rear of building 

November 2023 - Boot brushes 

November 2023 - Canopy over the seating area by changing rooms. 

July 2023 - To assist with traffic flow and avoid accidents, we updated and replaced signs in the car park and arranged for line painting, this will help during busy car- parking periods. 
June 2023 - Amazing fund-raising efforts by local resident Angela Price resulted in a defibrillator being installed at the rear of Broughton Pavilion. We also improved the car park's lighting for better security and safety. The addition of beautiful lavender-filled planters at the front of the building were added as well. 
April 2023 - We fixed the leaking roof lights that caused issues during heavy rainfall. We also added two new benches outside the pavilion for people to enjoy. 
March 2023 - The first maintenance and fertilization of the green roof has been completed, and we're happy to report it's in great shape! 
February 2023 - The Parish Council is now located at the Pavilion permanently. The Estate Officer patrols the area daily to ensure litter-free playing fields and car parks. 
January 2023 - We trimmed back hedges and greenery to improve site lines for people entering the car park and increase pathway width. We welcomed back several user groups, including Brownies, Cubs, Scouts, Little Amigos Baby & Toddler group, Cha Char Chimps Music Group, and Broughton Prep School. 
November 2022 - Maintenance work has been ongoing since we took over. This includes the servicing of the plant room, replacing expansion vessels, fixing leaking toilets, and a complete overhaul of the underfloor heating system. 
October 2022 - To enhance user and staff safety, we've installed CCTV inside and outside the pavilion. 
Autumn 2022 - We've reduced the height of the car park perimeter hedging to improve visibility and safety. We're also addressing exterior lighting concerns. 

August 2023 - Ongoing maintenance - hedge cutting 

October 2023 - Clear pedestrian pathways, hedges kept regularly trimmed. 

2023 - Living roof looking 'alive'!  

July 2023 - Early morning line painting! 

July 2023 - Hatched area and bollards for emergency access to sports field. 

July 2023 - Clear Exit signage! 

April 2023 - benches and Kings Coronation tree. 

June 2023 - Planters with English Lavender. 

June 2023 - Defibrillator Installed 

September 2022 - Interior car park hedges cut. Vehicles also moved on. 

September 2022 - Exterior car park hedges cut. 

September 2022 - Hedging cut back to discover lighting bollards and a sign, previously hidden by overgrown shrubs! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is the Parish Council office open? 
A. Yes we are. We moved into the offices in February 2023 and it is now our permanent base. We are open to the public Tuesday - Thursday 10am - 4pm. Please keep an eye on this page and our social media channels for regular updates. 
Q. I used to run a class there pre-covid can I come back? 
A. Please fill out a booking enquiry form, and a team member will get back to you within 3 working days. 
Q. I'm a local resident and have a really good idea for a community activity that could take place in the pavilion - can you help? 
A. Please fill out the booking enquiry form, with as much information as possible and a team member will get back to you within 3 working days. 
Q. I'd like to book a badminton court, are you taking bookings? 
A. We are not yet in a position to take any court bookings in 2024, please check the website for any updates. 
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