Broughton Pavilion 

Broughton & Milton Keynes Parish Council are pleased to announce, we are now the owners and operators of Broughton Pavilion.  
The Pavilion will be staffed between 10am and 4pm Tuesday to Thursday. 
As you can imagine we are currently inundated with people getting in touch with us - before you get in touch about Broughton Pavilion please first look to see if what you are enquiring about is in our Frequently Asked Questions section below. If not, then use the enquiry form, please give us as much information as possible to allow us to deal with your query efficiently and quickly. 
Please note: We are not taking any party or weekend bookings for 2023 

Chair of the Parish Council Cllr Gary Brighton & Cllr Patrick Stiles signing the deeds for Broughton Pavilion. 

The Milton Keynes Council Team handing over Broughton Pavilion keys to The Parish Council Team. 

From L to R. Lesley Wilson (MKC), Cllr Patrick Stiles & Cllr Gary Brighton (BMKPC), Janette Murphy & Chris Parrish (MKC), Lynn Maddocks & Rosanna Lee (BMKPC). 

Whats happening at the Pavilion?  

Autumn 2022 - Our contractors have reduced the height of the car-park perimeter hedging. Over the last few years this had grown way too high, making the car-park very secluded. To improve visibility and safety of our users we have had the shrubs extensively cut back, we know it looks a little harsh but it will soon green up and start to look lovely! We have also been in touch with the owner of the vehicles left in the car park and they will soon be on their way! Next on the list is the exterior lighting, we know we have a few bulbs out, and we will be taking steps to remedy that in the very near future. 
October 2022 - We have installed CCTV inside and outside the pavilion. This makes for a safer enviroment for users and staff. 
November 2022 - Ongoing maintenance work to the internal workings of the building have been continuing since we took over. This includes, plant room servicing, expansion vessel replacements, replacing leaking toilets and a complete overhaul of the underfloor heating system.  
January 2023 - Our contractors have trimmed back much of the surrounding hedges and greenery to make site lines for people entering the car-park clearer and making pathways wider. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Are you opening straight away? 
A. No, for the time being the building will remain closed (except to Chipmonks Pre-school) Our plan is for some of the previous user groups to be gradually returning throughout January 2023. Please keep an eye on this page and our social media channels for regular updates. 
Q. I used to run a class there pre-covid can I come back? 
A. Please fill out a booking enquiry form, and a team member will get back to you within 3 working days. 
Q. I want to book the hall for my child's birthday party. 
A. Currently, we are not taking bookings for parties, however we will look to reinstate this very soon. 
Q. I'm a local resident and have a really good idea for a community activity that could take place in the pavilion - can you help? 
A. Please fill out the booking enquiry form, with as much information as possible and a team member will get back to you within 3 working days. 
Q. I'd like to book a badminton court, are you taking bookings? 
A. We are not yet in a position to take any court bookings in 2023, please check the website for any updates. 
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