Be proud of the community you live in and take care of the environment around you. 

Whilst the Parish Council believe it is the responsibility of both dog owners and residents to clear up and take home the mess they and their dogs make, we do provide "as a convenience" a limited number of both dog and litter bins around our parish; these bins are paid for by the Parish Council tax payers. Please refer to the maps below for the location of the bins owned and serviced by the Parish Council. All other bins across our parish are managed by either Milton Keynes Council or The Parks Trust. 
All our bins are emptied on a Monday, with busy locations getting a second empty on a Friday, this is by our preferred contractor Marcus Young Environmental Services Ltd 
If you see an overflowing dog waste bin, please contact us with the bin location, all bins are numbered so either make a note or take a picture and send it to us at 
If you see large amounts of litter around the bottom of the bin or anywhere else in the parish (not simply left out on bin day!) then please report this to Milton Keynes Council 
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