Middleton Community Garden    Please be aware that this project is still in draft stage and will not be going ahead until a decision on the change of use from the Secretary of State is received. 

The Middleton Allotment site is owned and managed by the Parish Council and has been used to provide plots to local residents for many years. Unfortunately, due to various ongoing problems with soil quality and flooding on the land, it was proved not suitable for accommodating allotment plots, and therefore, another purpose was needed for this site. The Parish Council are now planning an exciting project to convert this neglected piece of land into a a wildlife-rich community garden that can be enjoyed by local residents. 

Planning the project 

Vision for 2021: To create a peaceful outdoor space that provides rich biodiversity and a relaxing area for local residents to walk, sit, and enjoy the scenery and wildlife.  
Joint partnerships: We are proud to be working with The Parks Trust, RTM Landscaping, and Community Trees MK on developing this project. 
Background: This piece of land is nestled in a quiet corner of Middleton, surrounded by glorious countryside and only a stone throws away from the historic Milton Keynes Village. The land itself is currently covered in wild grass enclosed by a native hedge boundary and accessed via two wooden gates. The surrounding area is being enhanced by The Parks Trust to create a 'wood meadow' for increasing the population and diversity of local wildlife. Just to the side of the allotment site is a secluded orchard, and at the front of the allotment site are retired paddocks that were once used for horses. It is very easy to access the site on foot in a few minutes by those in Middleton, Milton Keynes Village, and Oakgrove. There is no parking available on site.  
Timeline and updates: 
4th March 2021 - The 8 trees of remembrance and peace have now been planted across the Parish - locations to be published shortly. 
2nd March 2021 - The tree avenue has been planted at Middleton Allotment site. 10 trees in total have been planted to create a striking avenue with 5 trees on either side and a grass path running along the middle. The tree species used were Cherry Blossom and Field Maple. We hope that they will create lovely colours in Spring and Autumn 
January 2021 - 18 Native tree species have been ordered and will be delivered soon. These trees will be stored until we can plant them on site and around the parish. 
December 2020 -Soil and land has been tested on site and has been proved suitable for a pond. The site will now go under a thorough assessment process to see the changes in water levels over time and estimate how quickly a new pond would fill up and be able to retain water. 

Community Wildlife Garden 

Wildlife Friendly Pond  
Seasonal wild flower meadow 
Short grass exploration paths 
Recycled plastic benches 
Interpretation boards 
Native tree avenue and arboretum  
Bee hives in the neighbouring orchard 
Dense pockets of plants and shrubs  

Peace Commemoration display across the Parish 

The Parish Council have now planted 18 trees across the Parish as an act of remembrance. 
Why 18? The number 18 signifies the number of conflicts the UK has been involved in from WW1 up until present time.  
These trees have also formed part of the tree avenue at the Middleton Allotment, and the others will be planted across the parish. Locations to be published shortly. 


Who will maintain the site? 
This site is owned and managed by The Parish Council and our officers will be regularly checking the site. Our landscape contractors will continue to maintain the site including looking after the meadows, pond and trees.  
What type of trees will be planted?  
All the trees will be medium sized and native, and will provide seasonal interest 
Will the bees be enclosed and away from the public? 
The bees plan to be placed in the orchard which is managed by The Parks Trust. The site will be made safe and enclosed. 
Will dogs be allowed on site?  
Dogs will be allowed on site but should be kept under control and should not enter the pond or trample on the meadow areas between March-October. 
Will the site remain enclosed and access via a closed gate? 
The site will be opened at all times, and the gates will be removed and various access points will be created to enter and exit the site. 
Will there be a picnic area or benches?  
Benches will be provided for people to sit and relax whilst enjoying the scenery. Picnic benches and tables will not be provided, but visitors are welcome to picnic on site if they wish. Bins will not be provided, so all visitors MUST take their litter home with them as it can be harmful to the surrounding environment and wildlife.  
What is happening to the area surrounding the site? 
The surrounding area is managed by The Parks Trust and will remain as a greenspace with a 'wood meadow' habitat 
What is the timescale on this project? 
This project will not be starting until a decision on change of land use has been received by the Secretary of State. 
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