Making Our Community Dementia Friendly 

Why it matters 

Two thirds of people with dementia live at home. Some still work and drive. 
There are an estimated 1,596 people over 65 living with dementia in Milton Keynes. 4,242 people will be living with dementia in Milton Keynes by 2030. 
Often people stop doing the things they enjoy in their local community as their dementia progresses because they are worried about getting the support they need. This is due to lack of understanding, stigma of the condition, confusing processes and inaccessible environments. 
The impact on people’s quality of life and implications on their health is huge, not being able to access parts of community life such as shops or pharmacies; but also other aspects of everyday life such as financial services or leisure pursuits. 
We must consider how dementia will impact our local community. So, we are looking to start working with Alzheimer’s Society in Milton Keynes to make our parish more welcoming and supportive for residents and visitors. 

Becoming a Dementia Friend is the first step to making our local area dementia friendly 

A Dementia Friend is somebody that learns about dementia so they can help their community. They turn their understanding into action. From being more patient in a queue to visiting someone you know with dementia 
Dementia Friends can also get involved with things like volunteering, campaigning or wearing a badge to raise awareness. 
We need the whole community to get involved. Our businesses, shops, cafes, pubs, hairdressers, plumber, electricians, and window cleaners etc. can become dementia friends and become recognised as ‘working to become dementia friendly’ 
Activity groups, clubs and faith groups can get involved too. People with dementia and their carers want to carry on doing the things that are important to them. We can all make a difference. 
See the details below and let’s get started! 
Become A Dementia Friend - It's easy to become a Dementia Friend. Alzheimer’s Society volunteer Ambassadors are running in-person Information Sessions as well as virtual Information Sessions that you can book on to attend. Or you can watch a short online video to join. Click HERE to watch!  
Become a more dementia friendly business – For more information and support how to make your business or organisation dementia friendly contact our Dementia Friendly Communities Coordinator: 
Make your Club or Group Dementia Friendly / Dementia inclusive - For free information about making your art club, walking group, social club in Milton Keynes dementia friendly please contact 
Alzheimer’s Society offers lots of information to help people affected by dementia. Visit the website to learn more and access free online support. 
Alternatively, you can call the Dementia Information and Support Service provided by Alzheimer’s Society in Milton Keynes on 01908 669404 
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