Useful Information 

Do's And Don'ts 

A few ‘housekeeping’ Do’s & Don’ts to keep the sites running smoothly. 
 DO remember to keep your compost bin turned over regularly – WHY? Compost bins make perfect habitats for RATS, it’s a great source of warmth and shelter, but like any creature they do not like to be disturbed! We recommend turning your compost at least once a month. 
 DO pay your rent on time – WHY? Chasing late payments increases administration time, we don’t want to have to increase rents to cover this. Worst case scenario not paying your rent on time could cause you to lose your plot. If you are experiencing difficulties with paying, then please communicate with us as soon as possible. We are here to help  
 DO remember to move your Chicken Coop about. (Appendix E Keeping Chickens 3.12) WHY? To keep the ground healthy and free from parasites. 
 DO keep your plot free from rubbish, storing items up against boundary fences (such as pallets and bits of wood) and letting rubbish piles build up is also a great attraction to rodents wishing to nest. 
 DO keep your ridings trimmed and obstruction free. WHY? So you, your plot neighbours, the warden and contractors can move safely around the site. 
 DO contact us if you are experiencing and difficulties, if you are going to be away from your plot for any period of time please let us know – We are here to help, when and where we can. All communications are treated in the strictest confidence. 
 DO Love thy neighbour  Be considerate of your allotment neighbours at all times  
 DON’T share your sites padlock code or leave your gates unlocked – Site security is important to us all. 
 DON’T be scared if you see a snake in or around your plot – its most likely a grass snake, MK has the ideal habitat for grass snakes and they also love to hibernate in undisturbed compost bins! 
 DON’T bring your dog onsite if they are not going to be on a lead. WHY? Not everybody is comfortable around dogs (no matter HOW friendly they are), if your dog is off lead how can you be sure they are not using a neighbouring plot as a toilet? 
 DON’T use your sheds to store any edible items or if you have chicken/bird food please ensure they are in vermin proof containers. WHY? Rodents will easily enter your shed; a lock will not deter them if they know there is a readily available food source! 
1. Weeds out of control and impacting neighbouring plots 
2. Not enough of your plot cultivated 
3. Ridings not maintained 
4. Improper use of plot e.g. late night fires/BBQ’s, loud music 
5. Dogs off lead and pooping in and around neighbouring plots 
6. Cars on ridings/pathways that aren’t just unloading 
7. Not paying rent/late payment 
8. Not returning your signed tenancy agreements 

Many of the above also cause a considerable amount of administration time which we will take into consideration when looking at costs - Please help us to help keep allotment costs down. 

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