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Planning Applications

Location: Parish Council Office, 27 Atlas Way, Oakgrove, MK10 9SG
Starting at 19h00

The Planning & Licensing Committee has the delegated authority to make responses on behalf of Broughton and Milton Keynes Parish Council to Minor Planning Applications received from Milton Keynes Council (MKC).
Note: Major Planning Applications (defined as an application for ten or more dwellings or a site of more than 0.5 hectares, industrial sites of 1000 sq metres or a site of more than 1 hectare or any minerals or waste application) are dealt with by the full Parish Council save for exceptional circumstances.
The Committee will review and consider all aspects of Planning & Licensing within the Parish and make recommendations to full Parish Council on wider issues and on matters of major public interest.
In exceptional circumstances, as agreed with the Parish Clerk and the Chair of the Parish Council (or Vice Chair if they are unavailable) where there is insufficient time to refer items to the full Parish Council, then the Committee shall act on behalf of the Parish Council.
Note that the Parish Council do not have any additional powers, which carry weight in ensuring an application is opposed. We encourage residents to submit their own views and comments if they have an objection to a specific planning application. Milton Keynes Council consider all responses when reviewing a planning application.
All details relating to a planning application can be found by logging onto the Milton Keynes Council (MKC) webiste. Milton Keynes Council consult for a period of 28 days on planning application submitted.

Cllr Patrick Stiles (Chair)
Cllr Jo Small
Cllr Ricky Oates
Cllr Julie Chambers
Cllr Mez Solanki
Cllr Gary Brighton

Officer: Vicky Mote 

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