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Welcome to Broughton & Milton Keynes Village Parish Council

Our Parish combines the best of the old and best of the new aspects of this modern, thriving new town.
We have Milton Keynes Village, which gave its name to the town and the adjacent wards of Atterbury, Broughton, Broughton Gate, Brooklands, Midldeton and Oakgrove, which typify the growth and diversity of our community. The Parish’s trajectory is to be one of the largest in Milton Keynes.
Our Parish Council 's aim is to help make this a great community to live in and feel a part of. We do this by 
• representing the local community
• delivering services to meet local needs
• striving to improve quality of life in the parish 


Our next Parish Council Meeting

Monday 14 May 2018 at the Parish Office, 27 Atlas Way, Oakgrove, Milton Keynes, MK10 9SG.

The agenda will be posted on the Parish Noticeboards prior to the meeting and available here. 



Allotments are provided by the Parish Council at sites in Broughton, Broughton Gate, Middleton & Milton Keynes Village.


Community Grants

We're able to provide funding for projects and events that benefit the community. This funding is discretionery and subject to stringent criteria, as you'd expect with public money.


Middleton Pavilion

The Pavilion is a great faciltiy for the community - for sports, a party or just to pop in for a drink.
It's run as a commercial business and rented from the Parish Council, who own it.


Citizens Advice

We have partnered with Citizen's Advice to provide a service fortnightly on a Tuesday at our Parish Council offices. 
This is by appointment only. 
To book use the button below.



Our latest newsletter

Read the latest copy of our regular newsletter.

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Atterbury, Broughton, Broughton Gate, Brooklands, Middleton, Milton Keynes Village and Oakgrove.


Serving 5,000 housholds

From some of the oldest to some of the newest homes, young and old; diverse in culture and united in a love for where we live.


 funding per household/per annum    

One of the lowest in Milton Keynes. Based on a Band D household for 2018/19. Collected as part of your Council Tax.


Provided for the community

From allotments and dog bins to reviewing planning and licensing applications, and providing grants for local projects and events. 

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